Trans Services at Mount Holyoke

Primary Care

We strive to provide gender affirming care to all of our students.

Gender Affirming Hormones

The Informed Consent Model is used to evaluate and initiate gender affirming hormones. This will typically require multiple visits to provide for time to review key information and establish goals of this therapy. Call 413-538-2121 to schedule an appointment with the medical director. Please specify the reason for the appointment so that sufficient time is allotted.

Multiple Health Center Clinicians can renew prescriptions and provide continued care for students already prescribed gender affirming hormones. Please have current prescriber fax records and/or updated laboratory testing and evaluation. Bring the label from existing prescriptions to ensure accuracy. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 413-538-2121.

Laboratory testing

If a provider outside of MHC Health Services is managing your hormones, lab work can be done at the Health Center. The lab test must however be ordered by a clinician at Health Services. Ask you current provider to fax a copy of lab orders to Health Services (413-538-2352) and then schedule an appointment with your Primary Campus Provider or one of the clinicians at Health Services. All costs of lab work will be covered by the student health insurance plan or the prepaid health center option. If the student has waived these options, the charges will be placed on the student bill.

Delivery of prescriptions to the Health Center

As with other prescriptions, students have the option of using Community A Walgreens Pharmacy to have their prescription delivered to the Health Center. Hormones are covered under the pharmacy benefit of the student health insurance plan. Testosterone is a controlled substance and requires a photo ID to be presented prior to pick up of the prescription.

Assistance with injections

The nursing staff is available to assist students with learning how to self-inject hormones as prescribed. If prescription is ordered by a provider outside of Health Services, the student must meet with a Health Center clinician who can provide an order before a nurse can provide this assistance. Our experience is that most students will be comfortable with this process after one or two nurse assisted injections. Students may bring a friend or partner with them to learn these steps or to provide support.

Letter writing for Hormone Therapy, Gender Marker Changes, or Gender Affirming Surgeries

Health Services clinicians can write letters of reference or support to specialists, to support both hormone therapy and surgical procedures. These letters are not required by some providers to initiate hormones. Most surgical procedures require letters of support or recommendation by a primary care provider and one or two mental health providers.

The Medical Director of College Health Services will write letters of support required for changes to gender markers on Passports and state issued driver’s licenses. Specific requirements and forms will vary by state. An ongoing relationship with a Health Center clinician or consultation with outside provider is required prior to a consultation meeting with the Medical Director.

Sexual Health

The Health Center provides STI screening, pap smears and chest exams consistent with the Centers for Disease Control, American Cancer Society and WPATH.

Health Insurance consultation and guidance

The Director of College Health Services is available to review the insurance coverage, referral requirements and clinical guidelines for hormone therapy and procedures. The director is able to assist students in considering issues related to area providers, prior authorization, transportation, out of pocket costs, timing of procedures relative to the academic calendar, post surgical care, and coordination of supporting documents. Call 413-538-2121 to request to schedule an appointment.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

All bathrooms within the Health Center are gender neutral.


All services and conversations with Health Center staff are considered Personal Health Information and thus require a specific release of information to be shared with anyone outside of College Health Services. Unless personally authorized, Health Center staff can never share information about gender identity with parents or guardians. Information is shared with Counseling Service staff to facilitate care and support to students.