Trans Services at Mount Holyoke

Primary Care

We strive to provide gender affirming care to all of our students. Through ongoing conferences, consultation with Trans Health specialists and use of nationally recognized references such as WPATH, we work to expand our knowledge of general and specific care for all our students.

Hormone Care

Collaborative Care

  • At this time none of our clinicians initiate hormone therapy. We do make referrals to community providers who specialize in estrogen and testosterone hormone therapy. These include endocrinologist and primary care providers. Health Center Clinicians may be able to renew prescriptions and provide continued care for students already transitioning on  hormones. This will require either records from the provider or updated laboratory testing and evaluation.

Insurance consultation:

  • Health Center clinicians are available to review the insurance requirements and preferences of area providers regarding hormone therapy and make referrals as appropriate. The student health insurance plan does not require a referral to an in-network providers. A meeting with a clinician is encouraged to review names of in-network providers and develop a plan for continued collaborative care/

Laboratory testing:

  • Our clinical staff works with the recommendations of specialists to order, review and share laboratory testing needed to check hormone levels and test for potential health changes anticipated with hormone therapy. The frequency will be determined by the level and length of time on hormones. With signed release of information forms, sharing of office visit notes and coordination of lab orders; students are able to have lab work done at the Health Center more conveniently and with reduction in out of pocket costs for students covered under the student health insurance plan.

Delivery of prescriptions to the Health Center

As with other prescriptions, student have the option of using Louis and Clark Pharmacy to have their prescription delivered to the Health Center. Hormones are covered under the pharmacy benefit of the student health insurance plan.

Assistance with injections

The nursing staff is available to assist students with learning how to self-inject hormones as prescribed. The student must meet with a Health Center clinician who can provide an order before a nurse can provide this assistance. Our experience is that most students will be comfortable with all the needed steps after one or two nurse assisted injections. Students may bring a friend or partner with them to learn these steps or to provide support.

Letter writing for Hormone Therapy, Gender Marker Changes, or Gender Affriming Surgeries 

Health Services clinicians can write letters of reference or support to specialists, when requested, to support both hormone therapy and surgical procedures. These letters are not required by some providers to initiate hormones. Most surgical procedures require letters of support or recommendation by a primary care provider and one or two mental health providers.

The Medical Director of College Health Services will write letters of support required for changes to gender markers on Passports and state issued driver’s licenses. Specific requirements and forms will vary by state. An ongoing relationship with a Health Center clinician or consultation with outside provider is required prior to a consultation meeting with the Medical Director.

Sexual Health

The Health Center provides STI screening, pap smears and chest exams consistent with Centers for Disease Control, American Cancer Society and WPATH.

Health Insurance consultation and guidance

The Director of College Health Services is available to review the insurance coverage, referral requirements and clinical guidelines of the student health insurance plan for both hormone therapy and surgical procedures. The director is able to assist students in considering issues related to transportation, out of pocket costs, timing of procedures relative to the academic calendar, post surgical care, and coordination of supporting documents.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

All bathrooms within the Health Center are gender neutral


All services and conversations with Health Center staff are considered Personal Health Information and thus require a specific release of information to be shared with anyone outside of College Health Services. Unless personally authorized, Health Center staff can never share information about gender identity with parents or guardians. Information is shared with Counseling Service staff to facilitate care and support to students.