X-ray & Lab Tests


X-ray is available at the health center Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm and must have a nurse practitioner/physician order. All films are read by health center staff and are subsequently reviewed by board-certified radiologists.

Lab Tests

Many tests are performed on site, i.e., throat and urine cultures, STI testing, pregnancy tests, etc. Blood tests and cultures are sent to a reference lab with results in 24 hours. All labs require physician/practitioner order. If you have lab work that is ordered by a provider from home, make an appointment with a Health Center clinician to discuss the specifics of these tests. All lab work drawn and performed at the Health Center must be ordered by a Health Center clinician.  Lab results will be faxed to other providers if sign of release of information is in place.


All tests/studies done at the health center are covered by the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan or Prepaid Health Center Option. If these have been waived, the student is responsible for any labs or X-rays. These costs will be placed on the Student Bill monthly. If you anticipate requiring frequent or repeated lab work.  Carefully, consider the Pre-paid Health Center Insurance Option.