Adverse Weather

The College’s general practice will be to remain open with all operations staffed, with two exceptions:

  1. there are extreme weather conditions in which state or local safety officials post traffic advisories limiting travel to essential vehicles, or
  2. when our own College officials conclude that it is advisable to limit vehicle traffic on campus in order for Facilities Management to manage campus snow removal.

Announcements about inclement weather delays or closings will be made via the College website, MHC weather line (538-2330), NBC affiliate WWLP, ABC affiliate WGGB and radio station WFCR, New England Public Radio.

Many factors might impact an individual employee’s ability to get to work during adverse weather; e.g., children’s school closings, distance to work, comfort level with driving during adverse weather. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use their judgment when making decisions about safety and travel conditions. Staff should notify their supervisor if they are unable to get to work. Accrued leave is used to account for missed work time except for hours when the College is delayed or closed. Supervisors are also encouraged to permit employees to make up lost work time if employees do not have sufficient leave accrual to cover their lost work hours.

Employees whom the College designates as providing essential services and who are, therefore, required to work during an all-campus shutdown, will receive compensatory time off with pay for all hours worked from the official shutdown to the end of their scheduled shift.

During the regular semester, the general understanding is that classes continue unless the instructor informs students otherwise or the College closes. Faculty members can send an e-mail to all registered students via the Moodle course site or the ISIS class roster. Copying that e-mail to your department assistant and chair would be helpful in case questions come to the department or program office.

Our goal is to have a decision about any campus inclement weather delays made and posted by or before 6:00 a.m.

MHC weather line 538-2330.