Adverse Weather Policy

Announcements about inclement weather delays or closings will be made via the College website, MHC weather line (413-538-2330), NBC affiliate WWLP and ABC affiliate WGGB.

Many factors might impact an individual employee’s ability to get to work during adverse weather; e.g., children’s school closings, distance to work, comfort level with driving during adverse weather. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use their judgment when making decisions about safety and travel conditions.  Staff should notify their supervisor if they are unable to get to work or unable to complete their scheduled work day.  If you are not able to report to work on time, or at all, or decide you need to leave work early, you may use vacation, personal leave or floating holiday time for the period of the absence.  If you report to work when the College officially reopens after a delay or if you are at work and leave when the College officially closes, you may report this time as regular time worked and would not have to use time from your paid leave bank.  If you are on a previously scheduled day off, you would report the full day as time used from your appropriate paid leave bank.  Supervisors are also encouraged to permit employees to make up lost work time if employees do not have sufficient leave accrual to cover their lost work hours.

Employees whom the College designates as providing essential services and who are, therefore, required to work during an all-campus shutdown, will receive compensatory time off with pay for all hours worked from the official shutdown to the end of their scheduled shift.

During a campus closure, all nonessential campus facilities will be closed and classes cancelled. For example, LITS and Kendall will be closed. Dining Facilities will operate as normal unless conditions warrant a modification to hours or service. Udates to services and event cancellations will be posted as quickly as possible.

Decisions about campus inclement weather delays will be made and posted by or before 6:00 a.m. whenever possible.

MHC weather line 413-538-2330.