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May, 2012

Based on the practices outlined in the Investment Policy Statement, the committee unanimously decided to replace the "American Century Zero Coupon 2015 Investor Class" fund with
the "Pimco Long Term US Government Fund - Institutional Class".  Notification of this change will be distributed by ING and will provide ample opportunity for participants to manage their investments prior to the change.

September, 2011
In response to employee requests for a socially responsible investment option Mount Holyoke College will add the TIAA-CREF Social Choice Equity fund - Retirement Class to the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan effective October 3, 2011.  Select these links to view a one-page fund fact sheet and prospectus for the TIAA-CREF Social Choice Equity Fund - Retirement Class.

July, 2011
The list of initial funds that are available fore investments was posted.  MHC Fund Offerings.

May, 2011
ING offered a large number of Transition Meetings from May 11 - May 14, 2011.  All scheduled meetings will be held in Kendade 305.  ING was also available at the Annual Benefits Fair on Thursday, May 12 from 10:30-3:30 p.m. in Chapin Auditorium.

April, 2011
Open Forums were held throughout March and early April to provide information about the work of the Investment Committee.  As a result of those meetings, this "Frequently asked Questions" document was created.

March, 2011
***Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Information/Update**

The Human Resources Department has been engaged in consultation with members of the community and with various consultant and financial advisors to plan for the college's response to new federal regulations which govern how we administer our Define Contribution Retirement Plan.  These regulations are meant to ensure that plan sponsors administer their employee retirement plans in way that in the absolute best ineterest of individual employees that are participating in the plan.  Intepretations of these regulations and new administrative guidelines continue to integrate the required changes into our planning where necessary.  Investment policy statement.

In consultation with the Faculty Conference Committee, the Operational Policy Council, and the Staff Council, we reconstituted the Retirement Plan Advisory Committee to become the Investment Committee (IC) for the Defined Contribution Retirement Plan.*  The Committee is interested in getting community feedback before they proceed with their work.

A summary of their work can be found here:

The committee hosted several open forums to provide opportunities for members of the community to learn more about the process to implement these changes and to address any questions or concerns.