Leave Plans

Mount Holyoke College provides the following types of leave to non-union benefits eligible employees.  Those employees covered by a bargaining unit agreement should refer to their specific contract for information pertaining to their leave benefits.

Using the leave tracking features of our Human Resources Information System (HRIS, Datatel), vacation and sick hours for benefits eligible employees will accrue for each pay period in which they are normally scheduled to work and have submitted time. The amount of time accrued is calculated by dividing the expected annual vacation time by the number of checks scheduled. (For example, a newly hired, full time, full year non-exempt employee normally receives 26 checks.  The annual amount of vacation time for this employee is 2 weeks of full-time days (75 hrs). 75 hrs/26 checks = 2.88 hrs/pay period.)  Employees who work less than full time or an academic year schedule will accrue vacation hours accordingly. 

Please review the staff handbook for specific information regarding the policies for using vacation time as well as accrual rates.

Sick time hours for non-bargaining unit, benefits eligible employees will accrue in the same way as described above for vacation hours.  Full time, full year employees accrue a total of 15 sick days/year.  Employees are permitted to convert up to 6 of their accrued sick days to accommodate personal emergencies. 

Also, employees are permitted to anonymously donate a up to half of the hours they earn as part of their of their annual vacation accrual to the catastrophic leave bank.  Donations are recorded and disbursed in consultation with the employee, the employee's supervisor and Human Resources.  

Please review the staff handbook for specific information regarding the policies regarding sick leave, sick/personal conversion, and leave donation (staff sick bank).

Earned Sick Time - Notice of Employee Rights
Beginning July 1, 2015, Massachusetts employees have the right to earn and take sick leave from work.