Brown Bag Lunch Series

Sponsored by Human Resources



Wednesday, April 9, 2014: "Save Your Digital Stuff: Practical Strategies for Preserving Your Digital Memories"
: 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Presenters: Leslie Fields, Head of Archives and Special Collections; Sarah Goldstein, Director of Digital Assets and Preservation Services; and Shaun Trujillo, Digital Collections and Metadata Lead
Location: Archives & Special Collections (on the ground floor of Dwight Hall)

You want to keep some digital photos, e-mail, and other files so that you—and your family and friends—can look at them in the future. But how do you do this? Join a group of LITS staff members who will provide basic, practical tips for preserving personal digital collections!

LifeScope (formerly known as Wellness Corporation) workshops will be held in April and May! All sessions on Wednesdays, from 12:00 - 1:00 pm.

1. April 23, 2014: “Dealing with the Elephant in the Room”
: Mary-Ellen Sposato Rogers, founder and former CEO of WorkLife Innovations
Location: Library 419

Dealing with the Elephant in the Room is a communications development seminar in which participants learn the skills to talk to anyone about anything. Participants begin by identifying the uncomfortable issues and realties they face at work and at home. Then they learn how to confront such issues with tact, empathy and clarity. Dealing with the elephant in the room increases productivity and improves relationships by addressing problems, conflicts or misunderstandings proactively.

2. April 30, 2014: “Moving Forward with Organizational Change”
Presenter: Bernie McCann, Ph.D, Certified Employee Assistance Practitioner (CEAP)
Location: Library 418

We all need to feel in control of what we do. Sometimes, however, we are only in a position to react to changes that surround us at work. Developing coping mechanisms may be our best response for dealing with organizational transformation beyond our control. In this seminar, you will learn to assess your own reactions to change, improve your ability to cope with new systems and discover different ways to feel secure within the changing work environment.

3. May 14, 2014: “Emotional Intelligence”
Presenter: Mary-Ellen Sposato Rogers, founder and former CEO of WorkLife Innovations
Location: Library 419

Many of us know that getting along with others is the key to success. Our ability to “play nicely in the sandbox” is fundamental to our career as well as our health. In this workshop we will discuss the four step model and discuss how we can become more attuned to the world and people around us.

4. May 21, 2014: “Planning for Your Work-Related Goals”
Presenter: TBD
Location: Library 419

Do you often find that initially you try to institute goals in your current position, only to then have trouble staying on track and following through with your original objectives? Designed for those who have just discovered the utility of goal planning as well as those who are long familiar with the process, this seminar helps participants build a solid foundation for setting work-related goals, examine how to measure your progress with achieving them, head off obstacles that might impede goal achievement, and discuss how to utilize resources to continue to stay focused on your goals.

Future Brown Bags

Date: TBA - "Home Insurance 101"
Presenter: David Fesko, Liberty Mutual Sales Representative, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Learn about what home insurance covers, why it is necessary, and most importantly, the information you need to determine the protection that is right for you.



To register to participate in any of these sessions, please call Human Resources at x2503 or email Sandy Kacenski or Mika Keezing.


If you have any ideas for a Brown Bag, please contact Mika Keezing or call our main number (x2503). We would like to hear from you. You can also fill out and forward the online Brown Bag Form.