Direct Deposit

We encourage all students to sign up for direct deposit. Not only is this a convenience for you but it will also save the College money and resources. Listed below is general information regarding direct deposit:

  1. After you sign up for Direct Deposit you may receive one (1) pay check, you will need to cash this check.
  2. Paychecks have a signature imprint and Direct Deposit statements have "non-negotiable" in the signature area.
  3. Paychecks and direct deposit statements are sent to your College P.O. Box on payday.
  4. Your net pay is deposited either in your checking or savings account (depending on what account you designated) on the morning of the pay date. (Pay dates are listed on the back of your Student Time Sheet.)
  5. Paycheck stubs and direct deposit statements list information such as hours worked, total taxable earnings, and total academic year earnings and deductions. It is important that you review this information as soon as possible to make sure that it is accurate.

Student Direct Deposit Sign-Up

Insert requested information in appropriate location.

Note: Student ID number is not your One-Card number. It is the C.I.D. number in the lower left corner.

  • If you are depositing to a checking account - attach a copy of a "voided" check. Enter the voided check number into your check register as a "0" dollar amount.
  • If you are depositing to a savings account, you will need to attach a copy of your account card or other documentation that gives your account number and also a bank routing number.

You may either drop the student direct deposit form and documentation in the campus mail or bring it to Human Resources Room 1, Skinner Hall.

Student Direct Deposit Cancellation

To cancel your direct deposit, fill out the student direct deposit cancellation form.

  • Insert requested information in appropriate location.

    Important: If you plan on closing your account at the bank, it is critical that you advise the Payroll Office before you close the account. If a direct deposit is sent to an account that has already been closed, it will be at least two (2) weeks before a replacement check can be issued.

You may either drop the completed form and/or documentation in the campus mail or bring it to Human Resources, Skinner Hall, Room 1.

If you have any questions concerning your direct deposit, please call the Payroll office at x2503, or you can stop by our office, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.