Abbey Memorial Chapel

Abbey Memorial Chapel and neighboring Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary are places where religious and social concerns are given expression. Gatherings held in both chapels are open to all members of the College community, are offered weekly while College is in session.The schedule of events at the Chapel and elsewhere is published on the Religious & Spiritual Life webpage and the Mount Holyoke College Calendar. A Protestant Contemplative Service and a Catholic Mass are held every week in Abbey Memorial Chapel.

  •  The weekly gatherings also held in Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary include: Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation, Unitarian Universalist Gathering and Faculty/Staff meditation. The Muslim Community gathers weekly for Jumma Lunch and Prayer at noon on Fridays in the Eliot House Lounge and Muslim Prayer Rooms. Muslim Halal meat entrees are available in Abbey-Buckland Dining Hall on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. When Ramadan occurs during the academic year, Suhur and Iftaar are provided in Eliot House.
  • The Jewish Community observes the Shabbat by gathering each week on Friday evening in Eliot House Lounge for either a monthly Community Shabbat Service or Shabbat Prayer and Lighting Service. Kosher dining is now available 7 days a week in Wilder Dining Hall. The Religious & Spiritual Life office also offers Kosher for Passover Meals each year in the Eliot House Lounge.
  • The PaganWiccan Community uses Eliot House Lounge to gather weekly for a time of tea, sharing and planning events.
  • Wa-Shin-An, a Japanese Garden and Tea House is located in Eliot House. Tea Ceremonies and Zazen Meditation are held in the Tea House each week.

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The Dean of Religious Life, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish and Multifaith Chaplains are available to the College community for religious and personal counsel at their offices in Eliot House as well as the five other Religious Advisors who serve the Baha’i, Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist, Hindu, and Pagan/Wiccan Communities by contacting them. Eliot House, located next to the amphitheater, also includes a lounge, a kitchen, Kosher/Halal kitchen, Muslim Prayer Room and a Hindu Prayer Room as well as the Japanese Mediation Garden and Tea House.
Abbey Memorial Chapel and Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary are available for weddings to the Mount Holyoke College Community as well as the general public for a fee. All requests are honored around the many College Chapel activities. Information for weddings can be found online.