Adverse Weather Conditions

This policy recognizes that individual needs of employees may vary greatly with respect to decisions that necessitate leaving early or arriving late or not at all as a result of weather conditions. This policy also recognizes that Mount Holyoke College is a residential student community which needs to provide a certain level of services whenever students are living on campus, regardless of the weather.

During adverse weather conditions, employees who are unable to report to work on time, or who request to leave work early, may use vacation or holiday time to make up for missed work time. Employees are expected to notify their supervisors when the weather prevents them from completing their scheduled workday. If you are not able to report to work on time, or at all, or decide you need to leave work early, you may use vacation, holiday time or converted sick leave for the period of absence that you are unable to report to work because of the weather conditions.  You should notify your supervisor.  Supervisors are encouraged to accommodate those employees who are concerned about commuting due to hazardous weather conditions.

On rare occasions when conditions are especially severe (e.g. blizzards, hurricanes, or other weather conditions adversely affecting Mount Holyoke College particularly those which may impact campus access), the administration may decide not to require employees to report to work at the usual time or to release employees prior to the end of the normal workday. In these instances, employees who report for work will be paid for a full day. Employees whom the College designates as providing essential services and who are, therefore, required to work during an all-campus shutdown, will receive compensatory time off with pay for all hours worked from the official shutdown to the end of their scheduled shift.

A weather phone line can be called to access weather related closing information at 538-2330. (before 6:00 a.m. if possible).