Within the major employment classifications, staff members are further designated as holding either "continuing", "temporary", or "grant-funded" appointments.

Continuing Appointment

A staff member is considered to have a continuing appointment if
1. the individual holds a position which is part of the regular continuing staff of that department (sometimes referred to as holding "a regular budgeted position" within the department), and
2. at the time of hire there is no specific ending date to the staff member's occupancy of that position (i.e., it is anticipated that employment will be continued from year to year).

It is important to note that all staff positions at the College are created by and may be discontinued at the sole discretion of the College and all staff employees serve at the discretion of the College.

Temporary Appointment

A staff member is considered to have a temporary appointment if

1. the individual is in a continuing position, but has been hired only for a specific period of time, or
2. the individual holds a temporary position.

Temporary positions are those which, at the time they are established, are not expected to be part of the regular or continuing staff of the department. Any position which is not expected to exceed one calendar year in duration is generally considered to be a temporary position. Most temporary appointees hold their positions as substitutes for staff members on extended leaves, to assist in the completion of a special project, or when there are delays in filling vacancies. Although temporary appointees may obtain continuing appointments, all temporary appointees must understand that their employment is expected to end on the date stated at the time of hire, or earlier, at the discretion of the College.

Grant Funded Appointment

Positions funded by grants are generally considered to be "temporary" rather than "continuing" appointments. Staff members appointed on a grant will be considered "temporary" for the first 12 months of their appointments. After one year, the staff member's appointment will be reviewed to determine whether, contingent upon the terms of the grant, it will be designated as "continuing." For staff members appointed on grants, employee benefits can be provided only to the extent that funds are available from the grant to cover these costs.