Health Insurance at Retirement

Benefits-eligible employees who are at least 60 years of age when they retire with 10 years of service to the College may continue to participate in College’s group health insurance plans until they reach age 65 providing they make arrangement to pay the full cost of the monthly premium.

If, the early retiree reaches age 65 and his or her spouse is younger than 65, the spouse may continue on the coverage until he or she attains the age of 65.  The spouse must pay the full premium for this continued coverage.

Health Insurance for Retirees 65 or Older

Effective April 1, 2000, Mount Holyoke College will provide the opportunity for the College retirees and their spouse/partner to enroll in Medicare supplemental health insurance through a College group plan.

If you choose to participate in one of these group health plans, you will be responsible for paying the full premium and employees must authorize EFT for premium payment. The College will provide the administration for these group plans, but will not provide a subsidy of the monthly premiums.

Currently the College is sponsoring two Medicare supplemental group health plans:

  1. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Managed Blue for Seniors
  2. Medicare HMO Blue.

Although the College expects to continue to sponsor these group insurance options so long as similar coverage is not available to retirees on a non-group basis, we cannot guarantee that the coverage options will remain in effect.  Matters beyond our control may at some point limit our ability to extend these group plan options. However, if you do elect to enroll, the College will keep you informed about any changes in plan coverage and costs.