Professional Development

Mount Holyoke College encourages professional development among its staff, provided it is germane to your job and can be accomplished without sacrificing the requirements of your job. Although there is no sabbatical leave policy for staff, in some circumstances it may be possible to arrange, at your department head's sole discretion, for release time, or leave of absence without pay in order to pursue further education.

Membership in professional organizations is encouraged, and may be supported through the departmental budget, as is attendance at meetings and workshops of such organizations. Support for special professional development projects may also be available. If you have a proposal for professional development beyond the normal participation in professional organizations, you should discuss it with your department head. Your department head can assess the contribution it would make to the College administration, and consult with the appropriate budget authority to ascertain if resources are available which the College could commit to your project.

Five-College Training and Development Collaborative

The Five-College Training and Development Collaborative is a valuable and important resource for Mount Holyoke College. Human Resources will provide information for upcoming seminars and/or workshops.