Unemployment Compensation Insurance and Benefits

All employees of Mount Holyoke College are covered by the provisions of the Massachusetts Employment Security Law (commonly referred to as "Unemployment Compensation") and; therefore, are entitled to all applicable benefits under that act. The Massachusetts Division of Career Services/Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance (DCS/DUA) administers the Unemployment Compensation Law. This law covers individuals during periods of full or partial unemployment. Unlike Social Security taxes, you have no payroll deduction nor do you contribute in any other way toward the payment of Unemployment Compensation benefits--the full cost of all benefits paid to laid-off or qualified former employees is paid by the College.

If you become separated from employment, permanently or temporarily, you may file a claim with any office of the DCS/DUA, whether or not you believe yourself eligible for benefits. The College is required by law and will routinely provide to the DCS/DUA a complete and accurate description of the circumstances of your layoff or termination of employment; however, the determination of eligibility for benefits is made by the DCS/DUA.

When the separation is initiated by the College through termination of appointment, layoff or discharge, and where the College believes there is a clear entitlement to Unemployment Compensation benefits, it will not challenge the former staff member's application for benefits. When separation is voluntary (initiated by the staff member), or for just cause, or for any reason which the College believes should disqualify the former employee from receiving Unemployment Compensation benefits, the College will actively challenge the employee's application for benefits.

General information about the Unemployment Compensation Law may be obtained from the Human Resources Department. Although that office will describe the law and benefits as it understands them, official information and interpretations must be obtained from DCS/DUA, and it is the staff member's responsibility to do so. For further information, please visit Mass.Gov online.