College Publications

MHC News and Events

The Office of Communications publishes news and feature articles, the calendar of events on campus, and official College notices on MHC News.

Calendar items to be included on the events calendar should be submitted to the Facilities Scheduling Coordinator (x2153) at the Willits-Hallowell Center no later than noon on Friday one-week before the date of publication. Notices should be sent by the same deadline to the Periodicals Editor in the Office of Communications.

The Directory

The Mount Holyoke College Online Directory is updated daily for all faculty, staff and students. All employees will be listed by name and department and have the option of placing personal information in the directory. The directory is an information resource well beyond a listing of telephone and address information on each student, faculty member, and administrative and professional staff member in the College.

You will find telephone information and dialing instructions, lists of departments and offices, Five College faculty, department chairs, interdisciplinary programs, trustees of the College, as well as detailed information on student residence halls and activities.

You should be aware of the limitations on use of the information in the directory. Refer to College and Telephone Directories and Mailing Lists.

Duplication Services

TigerXpress and PIP Printing and Document Services offer a full range of copier services to all departments of the College and to student organizations.

Services include: expanded hours; daily campus pick-up and delivery; modern, high-speed equipment including a color copier; binding, folding, and laminating; and charging arrangements for departments and direct billing for student organizations.

For further information on prices and services, please call TigerXpress at 586-1332, ext. 133, or PIP Printing and Document Services at 532-9417.

Mail Services

Mail Services is located on the ground floor of the Central Services Complex. We provide services for both the academic and co-curricular mailing needs of the departments, staff and students.

Mail Services handles all incoming and outbound mail, Five College mail, student parcel receiving and shipping, bulk mail preparation, folding, inserting, labeling, collating, and automated addressing. Mail Services also provides duplication services.

For assistance, call x2462.

Student Mailboxes

The student mailboxes are located in the Blanchard Campus Center. There are mail drops for stamped U.S. Mail and inter-departmental mail in the mailbox lobby of the campus center. Students are assigned a mailbox with a key and are responsible for picking up their mail each day. If a key is lost, a fee of $5.00 must be paid for a replacement. Keys must be returned upon graduation. At the beginning of the academic year each student receives a letter notifying them of their mailbox assignment and proper address format. It is extremely important that all mail arriving for students be addressed using the proper address format. Improperly addressed mail may be delayed and/or returned to the sender.

For your convenience, there is a stamp vending machine in the lobby of the Campus Center.

Fax Machines

There are many Fax machines located throughout the campus. Ask your department head or call the Telephone Business Office (x2828) for the machine most convenient to your office.

Blanchard Information Desk

The Blanchard Information Desk is a primary resource for campus event information and provides services in Blanchard Campus Center, including a box office for major performances. (Call the Theatre Box Office for Theatre Department productions.) The Blanchard Information Desk is supervised by the Office of Student Involvement.

Room Reservations

Classrooms may be reserved before 4:00 pm during the week and for Monday evenings by contacting the Registrar's Office (x2025). After 4:00 pm classrooms can be reserved by contacting the Facilities Scheduler (x2153) Tuesday through Friday. Classrooms may also be reserved on the weekends by contacting the Facilities Scheduler. Chapin Auditorium, the New York Room in Mary E. Woolley Hall, Blanchard Campus Center, and other spaces with the exception of some buildings may be reserved by calling the Facilities Scheduler (x2153).

Five College Calendar

Notice of events to be included in the monthly Five College Calendar may be submitted to the Facilities Scheduler via fax (x2396) or intercampus mail to the Willits-Hallowell Center. The deadline is the thirteenth of the month preceding the month of issue. Time, place, date, title, sponsor Department and short description are needed.