Use of Personal Car and Mileage

Staff members who drive their own cars on trips involving official College business will be reimbursed by the Financial Services Office on a per mile driven basis. The rate per mile is reviewed annually. You should keep a record of the mileage driven and then obtain an Expense Account Sheet from the Financial Services Office or from your department head. After your department head has approved it, you should send the completed Expense Account Sheet to the Financial Services Office for payment.

Reimbursement will be by check. Please call the Financial Services office, x2034 to find out the current mileage reimbursement rate, or visit their website,financial services.

No reimbursement will be made for parking or traffic violation fines; such fines are a staff member's personal responsibility.

If you elect to drive your own car on College business, you should also be aware of the following facts about insurance coverage:

  • The College's insurance coverage protects the College against suit for bodily injury or property damage, but does not provide personal protection for the staff member.
  • You should maintain sufficient insurance for personal protection against bodily injury or property damage suits.
  • The College carries no collision insurance to cover any damage to a staff member's car.

Fleet Office

The College Fleet Office has vehicles that can be used by College employees traveling on official college business. For more information call the fleet office at x2826 or check our policies online.