Personal Security at Night

Do not hesitate to call the campus Campus Police Department for assistance at any time of the day or night. If you are on campus at night, it is a good idea to travel in two’s or three’s.

There are special emergency telephones (marked by BLUE lights) located at various places on campus which will automatically connect you with Campus Police upon lifting the receiver. They are at:

Art Building, south 79-83 College Street, west
Canoe House, south Betty Shabazz Cultural Center, south
Ciruti, west Ciruti, south
Dickinson, north Clapp, west
Equestrian Center/ inside north, inside south, outside west 1837, west
Gorse parking lots, north and south Gorse garage, south
Greenhouse, north Ham/MacGregor parking lots, north and south
Kendall parking lot, north and south Mandelle footbridge, east
Mary Lyon Gate, east Mary Lyon parking lot, north
Newhall parking lot, west Observatory, east
Otto C. Kohler Building (Facilities Mgmt.), west Prospect, south
Pratt, northwest Pratt parking lot, north
Reese, north Skinner Green, northwest
Wilder, east Mary Woolley, east

Become familiar with the exact locations of these telephones so that they can be an effective aid to you in an emergency.

Remember that security on campus is a community effort. Problems can be prevented if you take the responsibility for calling Campus Police.