Work Schedule

Weekly Work Schedule

In addition to holding either a continuing or temporary appointment, all appointees are further designated as working either a "regular" or a "varying" schedule.

Regular (Fixed) Schedule

A regular schedule is one in which the hours the staff member works each day of the week are clearly established and unvarying (i.e., except for overtime worked, the paid hours do not vary from week to week and except for excused absences, do not drop below the fixed number scheduled). In a few positions the established schedule may be changed at the beginning of a semester or fiscal year.

Varying Schedule

A varying schedule is one in which the staff member has no definite number of hours to cover and/or may work a different number of hours each day or each week based on the operational needs of the office or department as determined by the supervisor.  Regular or varying schedules are further classified according to the number of hours worked each week.

Regular Full-Time Schedule

Almost all full-time positions at the College have a regular schedule of 37.5 hours per week; however, some positions call for schedules of up to 40 hours a week. The staff member working 37.5 hours or more per week is referred to as "full-time"; for benefit purposes, 35 hours per week is considered "full-time." The normal scheduled work week for most staff members is 37.5 hours, or 7.5 hours a day for a five-day week. Normal College business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. A lunch period is usually taken from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. This may vary from department to department depending upon the needs of the particular office. Lunch periods should be taken as scheduled. Massachusetts laws require employers to compensate non-exempt employees when they eat lunch at their work station and perform any of the functions of their work. Except when required by operational necessity, you are requested to take a meal break away from your work station.

Regular Schedule of At Least Half-Time But Less Than Full-Time

Staff members in this category work regular schedules of 17.5 or more hours per week. Any staff member working a regular schedule of 17.5 hours or more per week will be considered "half-time or more" even though the normal full-time schedule for similar positions may be 40 hours per week, with the exception of members of the bargaining unit who follow terms of their respective agreements. Those who work at least 17.5 hours per week for either the fiscal or academic year are entitled to certain College benefits. Refer to Leave and Benefits Plans for information.

Regular Schedule of Less Than Half-Time

Staff members in this category work regular schedules of less than 17.5 hours per week. These employees do not qualify for College benefits.

Part-Time On Call

Staff members in this category work varying schedules with no fixed number of hours each week. These employees do not qualify for College benefits.


Appropriate to the nature of the department and/or your work, employees may request flex-time arrangements. It is understood that this schedule may change at any time as the needs of the department change. Also, these arrangements include all necessary provisions for work to be completed satisfactorily. Supervisors and/or Department heads are encouraged to grant flex-time whenever operationally possible.

Annual Work Schedule

The operation of the College requires varying annual work schedules based on the needs of each office or department. The following describe the usual annual work schedules:

Fiscal Year (12-month) Appointments

Staff members in this category are appointed on a fiscal year basis, i.e., 52 weeks from July 1 through June 30.

Academic Year Appointments

Staff members on academic year appointments work approximately nine months of each fiscal year while College is in session. The academic year is defined each year and generally begins the day after Labor Day and ends the Friday before Commencement (generally 37 or 38 weeks).


Although almost all staff members are appointed for either a 12-month year or an academic year, a few staff members, based on the special operational needs of specific offices or departments, are appointed for 9.5, 10, or 11 months (i.e., 40, 44, or 48 weeks) per year.