Open Enrollment

May is Open Enrollment Month!

Annual Benefits Fair 2017

Confused by Insurance? Foiled by Flexible Spending?  Don't worry!  Your Super Heroes from Human Resources will save the day!  Come to the Annual Benefits Fair!
Human Resources will hold its annual Benefits Fair where employees can get updated information about health and dental insurance rates and make changes to benefits.  We'll have representatives from all of our benefits vendors as well as a few local banks and businesses.  May is Open Enrollment Month!  Winter is over—get outside and come to the Benefits Fair!
Thursday, April 27, 10:30am - 3:30pm
Willits-Hallowell Conference Center



***New Changes for 2017-2018 ***

During the entire month of May, employees may elect changes to their health and welfare benefits.  It’s also a great time to review your benefit selections and beneficiary information.  Any changes made during Open Enrollment take effect July 1 – the start of the new fiscal year.  If you do not wish to make changes to your health, dental, life or long term disability insurance elections, no action is required.

During Open Enrollment you can:

  • Add, Drop or Change Health or Dental Insurance
  • Increase or decrease your Supplemental Life Insurance or Long Term Disability Insurance.

We also recommend you consider reviewing other aspects of your benefits selections.  Open Enrollment is the perfect time to:

  • Update your Beneficiary information for Life Insurance and Retirement Plans
  • Review or modify your Voluntary Contributions to Retirement.

*** Flexible Spending Accounts can only be modified during the Open Enrollment for FLEX which is held in November OR within 30 days of a Qualifying Event.***

Health Insurance

Changing your Health Insurance Coverage

1) Review the current Health & Dental Insurance Rates for 2017-2018.  The Benefits Calculator can help you determine the exact costs for your benefits.

2) Fill out the Enrollment Form (page 3).  You'll find instructions on page 2. Make sure you clearly mark the plan and level of coverage you prefer.

3) If you’re a choosing the HMO Blue or the Value HMO (HMO Blue New England $500 Deductible), make sure to include name of the primary care physician for yourself and any dependents on your plan.

4) Send Enrollment Form to HR by May 31. Changes will take effect July 1st.

Choosing a Health Insurance Plan:

  • Review the Plan Comparison and/or SBC's (Summaries of Benefits and Coverage below) provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  1. HMO Blue
  2. Value HMO - HMO Blue New England $500 Deductible
  3. PPO 90 - Blue Care Elect Preferred 90 Copay

Dental Insurance

  • Review the Plan Comparison and/or SBC's (Summaries of Benefits and Coverage below) provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  1. Dental Blue
  2. Dental Blue + Ortho - ***NEW***

Life Insurance (LI) or Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

Beginning in July, 2017, Prudential will serve as our vendor for Life and Long Term Disability Insurance coverage.  All eligible employees will have the opportunity to purchase supplemental life insurance up to $250,000 without the need to complete an ‘evidence of insurance’ form! Moving forward, this form will be required if you decide to increase your life or long term disability coverage.

Rates for supplemental life insurance (second page) will remain at the same level for 2016-2017.  
There is no action required to maintain your current level of coverage.  

Mount Holyoke College provides up to $25,000 term life insurance at no cost for employees who are scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week for the academic year. Additional coverage may be purchased through payroll deduction. Coverage is available for purchase in increments equal to 1-5 times the value of your salary to a maximum of $500,000.   

Please note, you may change your beneficiary election at any time!

Defined Contribution - 403(b) Retirement Plan

Beginning in July and in addition to the current ‘paper’ method employees will have the ability to start, stop or change their voluntary elections to retirement directly on the VOYA website as they experiment with the Orange Money™ tool.  This tool enables you to evaluate how small changes can affect your retirement savings.