The President's Award

The President’s Award is presented to a staff member or manager whose contributions enhance our community and reflect our institutional core values of integrity, creativity, service and excellence to the campus community and beyond.

The President's Award Recipients 2017 Announced! Congratulations!!

Linda Fernandes, Academic Department Coordinator, International Relations
Joanne Picard
, Dean of International Studies, the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives

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Congratulations to our previous President's Award recipients!

The President's Award Recipients 2016:

Cindy Legare, Benefits and Training Manager, Human Resources
Kim Parent, Assistant Dean of Studies and Class Dean for New Students, Academic Deans

Erica DeBlase

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The President's Award Recipients 2015:

Barbara Sadlier, Associate Athletics Director - Facilities, Physical Education and Athletics
Erica DeBlase, Counseling Service Clinician, Counseling Services 

Erica DeBlase

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The President's Award Recipients 2014:

Kris Bergbom, Assistant Director of Operations, Student Programs Office
Margaret Federkiewicz, Housekeeper, Facilities Management

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The President's Award Recipients 2013:

James Moynihan, Plumbing Supervisor, Facilities Management
Barbara Bunyan, Business Manager and Senior Administrative Aassistant, Theatre Arts

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The President's Award Recipients 2012:

Janet Crosby, Senior Administrative Assistant, Psychology and Education

Linda Samano, Employment Manager, Human Resources

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The President's Award for Outstanding Service


Recipients will be exemplary colleagues who are recognized for providing expertise and high quality of service to the campus community and beyond.  Candidates advance the mission of the College by demonstrating a consistent ability to:

  • Show a high degree of competence in their position through job performance, career dedication and/or professional self-development.
  • Solve problems with initiative and creativity and work towards continual improvement.
  • Make a significant, positive impact within their department and enhance the MHC community by building interdepartmental relationships.
  • Provide expert service to our community at large.
  • Make an exceptional individual or shared contribution in service to others.
  • Go well beyond the duties of their job to help students, parents, faculty, colleagues and the public.
  • Inspire those around them through their activities.
  • Contribute to a positive image of the College.


Any staff member who is not a member of the teaching faculty and who has completed one year of service is eligible for nomination.  Nominations may be submitted by any member of the community – staff, students, or faculty.


If you would like to nominate a staff member, please complete this form and return to the Office of Human Resources by Friday, April 21, 2017. This year's nominations have been closed and the receipients have been selected. Thank you to all who have nomintated!

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee comprised of the award recipient(s) from the previous year, the Director of Human Resources, and the Co-Chairs of the OPC and the Staff Council.

A maximum of two awards will be presented annually.

Each nominee will receive acknowledgement of their nomination from the President.

Please indicate on the attached form if your nomination may be shared with the nominee.

Award recipients will be presented a cash award and certificate of recognition.  The award(s) are presented to the recipients by the President.