Institutional Structure

In order to deliver high quality and consistently maintained diversity and inclusiveness objectives several areas of institutional structure needed to be addressed concurrent with the more fluid, temporal and innovative programming happening on campus.

New Positions

Goal: Create and capitalize on new positions. These positions represent a substantial commitment of resources, have added a sense of energy and urgency to our diversity goals, and will help enormously to forward the ambitious agenda put forward in the DCC report. It is important to note that the goals of the DCC are not intended to be met by the work of these offices alone - they are the collective responsibility of the college.

(Sept. 2004) Coordinator for Multicultural Affairs position was added to the Dean of Students Office.

(April 2004) Half-time Director of Academic Development, Lucas Wilson, Associate Professor of African American Studies and Economics was appointed.

(April 2004) Half-time position, to be combined with the Ombudsperson position, for a Director of Diversity and Inclusion originally posted Spring of 2004. Remained unfilled through Dec.2006.

(Spring 2004) Began search for a full time position, in RIS for a Research Librarian for Multicultural Programs and Diversity. Position posting was retooled in Sept 2005 and posted again. Search closed unsuccessfully (Summer 2006). Hybrid positions absorbed some but not all identified charges of the position as posted. More needs to be done.

(November 2005) Five College Coordinator of Recruitment Outreach, Annie Rodriguez, was hired to improve efforts of the consortium to recruit, retain, and develop an outstanding and diverse staff.

(Dec. 2006) Position modified to combine Director of Diversity and Inclusion with Dean of Religious Studies title. Rev. Gladys Moore appointed Dec.2006 to occupy office July 2007.

(April 2007) Half-time Ombudsperson position posted new in Jan.2007. hire pending.

Protocols for Bias Incidents and Hate Crimes

Goal: Streamline and clarify the grievance procedures for bias incidents procedures, and then disseminate information so that all members of the community will understand what our procedures are. Display our powerful anti-bias commitment, adopted in 1973 by the faculty, more prominently.

(June 2005) Committee of students, staff, and faculty met to create recommendations for improving systems and support for students to report and address bias incidents and hate crimes.(Spring 2006) Grant money awarded through the IIF funded the Dean of Students initiative to develop and implement new Bias Incident Protocols that would supplement the current Grievance Procedures and help students better navigate the process.

(Fall 2006) Recommendations were approved by Senior Staff in the Fall of 2006.
(Fall 2006) Approximately 20 staff members from the Dean of the College Division, Campus Police, and Human resources joined the Anti-Defamation League for their day-long, "A Campus of Difference" program to examine the issues related to discrimination and bigotry on campus, and explore how diversity awareness can translate into a more productive campus climate and a higher level of satisfaction among faculty, staff, and students.

(Spring 2007) Discussions and development of resource guides and materials for a new website are underway that will lay out the protocols for bias incidents and hate crimes. Ongoing feedback from the On-call protocol committee and MCCL continue to inform the process.

Faculty Anti-Bias Resolution (1973)

Inclusive Initiatives Fund (IIF)

Goal: Create a Inclusiveness Innovation Fund. Many offices have funds that are used to enhance the value of our diversity, including the President’s Office, the Dean of the College and Dean of Students’ offices, the Dean of the Faculty’s office, the Weissman Center, and the Center for Global Initiatives. We recommend gathering from these sources to create an Inclusiveness Initiatives Fund,that would solicit applications from the entire community to support innovative ideas for furthering the agenda of the DCC report.

(Fall 2006) The Inclusiveness Initiative Fund launched with invitations to the whole community to submit proposals. The MCCL committee oversees the review of proposals bi-annually and awards a total of $30,000 per academic year, granting funds that generally range between $300 and $3,000 and span a diversity of genres, interests, and disciplines.

College Publications & Website

(Annual) Office of Communications annually updates the "Describing Mount Holyoke College" print document, which uses as one of its four key themes the fact that MHC is "unusually international and diverse" and outlines supporting evidence for the claim. This piece is distributed to the trustees; to new employees; to Senior Staff, OPC, and various communicators on campus; as well as to over 2,000 alumnae volunteers. Additionally, development of the College Website continues to represent this commitment to a rich and diverse cultural environment.
The Admissions Office and the Communications Office continue to produce SisterSong, a newsletter for prospective ALANA students. Commitment to diversity and a multicultural community are also highlighted in all admissions and development materials.

The News and Events unit of the Communications Dept. actively seeks out and promotes stories and information that highlight the College's commitment to diversity. In fact, just as the key themes and messages are imbedded in many of the stories we do, the school's commitment to celebrating our multicultural environment and tackling issues regarding race, ethnicity, class and gender--both in curricular and co-curricular programming-- are imbedded throughout the news and events page.

(Fall 2005) Communications Office Publications unit began producing the series of stellar Cultural Heritage Month posters and the impactful "Making Class Visible" poster campaign.

(Fall 2006) the new online virtual tour and "My Point of View" feature included leading edge ADA compliant accessible written transcripts of all audio/visual content.

Campus Spaces

(2006-2007) Offices around campus reviewed and improved the multicultural representation of displays, intake forms, artwork, flags, music, and materials to foster a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all community members.

(2005) Dean of Faculty committed to devote increased attention in support of the coordination of efforts to improve the accessibility of classrooms and buildings in order to meet the needs of students differently abled.

(May 2007) Glass case for cultural heritage month displays in the Blanchard Campus Center funded by IIF and completed.

Annual Reports

In compliance with the Presidential mandate to imbed the goals of the DCC report in institutional structures, each member of Senior Staff was asked to bring this report to their divisions and departments and to develop initiatives that support the goals of the report. Department heads (both academic and other) were asked to include in their annual reports a description of what they have done during the previous year to promote the goals of the report. Annual performance reviews for staff should include a review of work that they have done to further the goals of the report. Faculty should be invited as part of their reviews to report on work done that advances the goals of the report.
(Spring 2006) Information collected by the MCCL from Department and Division heads from Fall 2005 through Spring 2007 has been folded into this web report.

(Fall 2007) MCCL will collect and publish updated reports from all Departments and Divisions.