2017 Accreditation

A central strategic goal is completion of a self-study of Mount Holyoke in 2016-17 in preparation for our comprehensive accreditation review in October 2017 by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  NEASC accreditation provides the general public with evidence of our excellence and also affords the Mount Holyoke community a welcome opportunity to engage in a comprehensive self-study

The Standards which form the criteria for accreditation have been revised recently.  These go into effect on July 1, 2016:

Each of the nine Standards above contains multiple considerations to be addressed in the self-study. 

The 2017 accreditation process is led by the NEASC Steering Committee.  Each of the aforementioned standards is led by two co-chairs.  In addition to the nine standards groups, there is a Credit Hour Group, led by the College Registrar, and the Data First Team, led by the Office of Institutional Research.  Members of these groups may be contacted for information pertaining to their standard.