Data First Team

The Data First Team is primarily charged with completing the NEASC Data First forms, which include questions on all nine standards.  The Data First Team serves as a resource to the Standards Co-Chairs by answering questions about data and fulfilling ad-hoc data requests.  Many sources of data are already freely available on the College’s Institutional Research website, while other data are available upon request. 

The following is a sampling of data sources currently available online:

Inquiries may be sent to the Data First Team by emailing Members are listed below. 

Name Affiliation
Kathy Blaisdell Director, Student Financial Services
Liz Laird Assistant Director, Assessment (Institutional Research)
Krista Denno Office Manager, LITS
Judith Dyjach Budget Director, Treasury Operations, Financial Services
Celeste Gannon Data Analyst, Admission
Kim Kelleher Compensation and Payroll Manager, Human Resources
Tara MacKay Associate Registrar
Roberto Mugnani International Program Manager, Professional and Graduate Education
Christina Griffin Academic Budget and Information Manager 
Polly Prewitt-Freilino Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Elizabeth Pyle Registrar
Ellen Rutan Comptroller, Financial Services