The NEASC Steering Committee finalized a timeline for the accreditation process in March 2016.  Key points in this process are outlined below. 

Spring 2016

  • Steering Committee finalized timeline
  • Standards Co-Chairs identified
  • Data First forms begin to be collected
  • Kick-off meeting for standard teams
  • Standards working retreat 

Summer 2016

  • Working groups meet
  • Steering Committee check in 

Fall 2016

  • Standard teams check in
  • Standard teams submit final bullet points
  • Share bullet points with faculty 

Spring 2017

  • Narrative first draft
  • Rewrites
  • Meet with NEASC team chair

Summer 2017

  • Submit draft to NEASC 
  • Incorporate NEASC’s feedback
  • Create electronic workroom

Fall 2017

  • Arrange hospitality for accreditation team
  • Draft shared with reporting venues (faculty meeting, Staff Council, OPC, Officers, SGA, Board of Trustees)
  • Finalize workroom documents
  • Team Visit (October 22-25)