How to Apply for IRB Approval

If a project requires IRB approval, download the IRB Review Form, complete your proposal on your computer, and submit it along with your informed consent form and documentation of training in protecting human subjects to the IRB via the Mentor IRB system. You will start the process by taking the Pre-Proposal Survey. If your project is not exempt, you will be taken to a screen where you will provide information about your project and will then upload your documents.

The first time MHC faculty members or students use Mentor IRB, they will need to activate their account by following the instructions on the first screen of the Mentor IRB website and entering their MHC account username and MHC password. If you do not have a MHC faculty or student account, send e-mail to the Institutional Review Board requesting a Mentor IRB account. (This applies to MHC staff, Five College students taking Mount Holyoke courses, or PIs not affiliated with Mount Holyoke.) You will receive an e-mail message from the IRB administrator with your username for Mentor.


Requirements/Guidance for Completion of the IRB Review Form

Note: Your faculty project advisor and/or faculty liaison will be notified electronically that your proposal has been submitted. They will be instructed to go to the Mentor IRB system to indicate their approval of the project. Projects will not be reviewed until advisor/liaison approval is received.