Definition of a Principal Investigator

Under this Policy, the following individuals are considered to be Principal Investigators:

  • Mount Holyoke College faculty and staff.
  • Mount Holyoke College faculty who are on leave, and who are conducting research involving human subjects either at Mount Holyoke College, with grant funds administered by Mount Holyoke College, or with Mount Holyoke College students. 
  • Students enrolled in Mount Holyoke College courses who conduct independent research. All student proposals must also be approved by a Faculty Supervisor who attests that s/he has read and approves of the proposal. 
  • Researchers not affiliated with Mount Holyoke College who are conducting primary research with human subjects on campus. These unaffiliated researchers include visitors to the campus and off-campus scholars engaged in human subjects research on campus. While at Mount Holyoke, these individuals may, through the courtesy of an on-campus liaison, conduct Board-approved research on human subjects. The liaison should provide the visitor with appropriate institutional forms including this Policy, and assure that the forms are sent to the Board before the research is undertaken.