IRB Meetings and Recordkeeping


As an appointed Faculty Committee of the College, the Institutional Review Board maintains records of its meetings and decisions, available on request. It sets its meeting dates for each semester of the academic year at the beginning of that semester. During the Spring 2014 semester, the Board will meet on an as needed basis to consider proposals requiring Full Review. Proposals requiring Full Review must be received electronically by 9 a.m. on the previous Tuesday to be considered the following week.


Records pertaining to human subjects that come under Institutional Board purview will be kept for three years after the completion of an approved project, or declination of a proposal. Records prior to September 1, 2012 will be kept in a locked space by the Office of the Dean of Faculty. Records after that time will be kept electronically. Records may include: certification of completion in human subjects protection training, applications for approval by the Board, descriptions of project protocol and sample consent forms, sample questionnaires, copies of grant proposals, minutes of Board discussions of proposals, and related memoranda and correspondence.