Student Projects

Any directed or independent research projects involving human subjects which employ systematic data collection with the intent to contribute to generalizable knowledge will require approval by the IRB. For further detail in what constitutes a research project vs. research practica please refer to definitions located in section Who Must Apply - Student Projects.

Special notes for students:

  • The IRB must receive notification from your faculty advisor of his/her approval of your project. Your advisor may either email his/her approval to the IRB or may sign the cover page of a paper submission. Student proposals will not be reviewed until advisor approval is received.
  • All email correspondence to the IRB must include cc: to Co-PIs and faculty advisor
  • Mount Holyoke College recognizes the importance of research in the educational program of its students. In order to facilitate student research experiences, the IRB urges any student who is planning on conducting a summer research project involving human subjects, to submit a proposal for review by the IRB by mid-April. Submitting proposals for IRB review by this suggested date will enable any and all issues that may be associated with the proposal to be resolved prior to the end of the semester/beginning of the planned summer research. Reminder: no summer research involving human subjects may be conducted without the approval of the IRB.