Cycles Survey

Every year from 1977 to 2002, Mount Holyoke College has surveyed approximately one-third of enrolled students during the spring semester using the Cycles Survey. This survey was developed by the Five College Consortium to measure student satisfaction at each institution, and consists of both multiple-choice and open-ended questions.

Beginning in 2003, however, the Office of Institutional Research began administering the Cycles Survey in every even year, alternating with the Enrolled Student Survey. In an effort to maintain the continuity of satisfaction information from the Cycles Survey, both internally and to share with the Five College Consortium, Mount Holyoke College will add seventeen questions taken verbatim from the 2003 Cycles Survey as supplemental questions on the Enrolled Student Survey.

The Cycles Survey was historically administered on paper but moved to an on-line format in Spring 2004, the last year Cycles was administered at Mount Holyoke.

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