Mount Holyoke College Factbook

The Factbook is a series of interactive dashboards that contain current and historical data about Mount Holyoke College.  Information is available on student enrollment, graduation and retention rates, admissions, degrees awarded, costs, indebtedness and financial aid, course enrollments and faculty and staff demographics.  

The dashboards include filters to allow for additional data discovery. Select the filters at the top of each dashboard to filter the charts.  Some dashboards include multiple pages of charts.  To view each page, select the orange navigator buttons at the top of the dashboards.   Dashboards can also be downloaded as PDFs or images by selecting the ‘download box’ on the bottom right-hand of the visualization.  

Please email with questions and additional data requests.

Student Enrollment

Thumbnail image of sample enrollment data

Learn more about current and historic undergraduate and graduate student enrollments and race/ethnicity demographics.

Graduation and Retention Rates

Thumbnail image of data showing sample graduate retention rates

View information on 6-year graduation and 2-year retention rates for first year, full-time students over the past 10 years.

Degrees Awarded By Year

Thumbnail image of sample data showing degrees awarded

Provides an overview of the number of undergraduate degrees by department and division since 2006.

Students Around the U.S. and the World

Thumbnail image of sample data showing enrollment by geographic area

Learn more about which home states and countries Mount Holyoke Students come from.

Course Enrollments

Thumbnail image of sample data showing course sections

Provides a breakdown on the number of primary course sections by division and department. This includes only lecture/seminar and performance courses as per the Common Data Set.

Admission & First Year Snapshot

Thumbnail image of sample admission data

Get to know the incoming first year class, and learn more about admission statistics including the number of applications, acceptances, admits, and yield rates each year since 2012.

Costs, Indebtedness and Financial Aid

Thumbnail image of sample data regarding cost, indebtedness and financial aid

Provides a summary of undergraduate tuition, fees and room and board as compared to the average net prices since 2010, and includes information on the percentage of degree-seeking students awarded financial aid.

Faculty and Staff Demographics

Thumbnail image of sample data showing faculty and staff demographics

Learn more current faculty and staff race/ethnicity demographics, and faculty rank and track status details.

Student Employment and Education Outcomes

Six Months Post Graduation Outcomes

Mount Holyoke graduates pursue many different careers. This visualization illustrates the variety of paths students have followed from their Mount Holyoke fields of study to their employment industries six months following graduation.

Undergraduate Majors, Minors, Certificates and Nexus By Year


View information on undergraduate majors, minors, certificates and nexus by year since 2005.