Measuring Information Service Outcomes Survey (MISO)

The Library, Information, and Technology (LITS) Measuring Information Service Outcomes Survey (MISO) is a web-based quantitative survey designed to measure how students, faculty, and staff view library and computing services at Mount Holyoke College.  Mount Holyoke students are surveyed every two years while faculty and staff are surveyed every four years.  The MISO Survey is undertaken at about 40 liberal arts colleges, including many of Mount Holyoke's peer colleges, which have combined library and computing services departments. 

The MISO Survey addresses the following research questions:

  • What services and resources are important to Mount Holyoke students, and how successfully does Mount Holyoke deliver them?
  • How effectively does Mount Holyoke communicate with the campus community about services and resources?
  • How skilled are students in the use of software and library databases?  What additional skills do they wish to learn, and how do they wish to learn them?
  • Which software and hardware tools do students use, and which of these tools do they own?
  • What roles do students play on campus?  What demographic factors identify them?
  • What benchmarks can be established for excellent delivery of library and computing services? 

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