The Office of Institutional Research conducts a number of surveys annually to gain information on various aspects of student life—and life after graduation—and to inform administrative decisions on campus. Taken individually, the surveys provide timely data on specific aspects of student life. When viewed together, the surveys provide a fairly complete and invaluable view of the student experience at Mount Holyoke and immediately after graduation. There is a wealth of data from these surveys archived and available for additional research.

  • Alumnae Survey:
    Annually to alumnae five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and/or fifty years post-graduation
  • ASQ: Admitted Student Questionnaire
    Annually to all accepted students during the summer after acceptance
  • CIRP: First Year Survey
    In odd years to all first year students during August-September of matriculation
  • Cycles: Cycles Survey
    Historically, every even year in the Spring; survey of satisfaction
  • ESS: Enrolled Student Survey
    Historically, every odd year in the Spring; survey of engagement and satisfaction
  • New Student Survey: In even years to all newly incoming students during August of matriculation
  • NSSE: National Survey of Student Engagement
    Periodic administration; first administration in Spring 2008
  • Parent Survey:
    Periodically to parents of enrolled students
  • PULSE Survey:
    First administration Spring 2009; survey of engagement and satisfaction
  • Senior Survey:
    Annually in April-May; historically during graduation rehearsal in May
  • Six-Months-Out:
    Annually during the months of December-January

In addition to the administration of its own surveys, the Office of Institutional Research provides support to other campus parties interested in survey research.  A number of these surveys include faculty and staff among those surveyed.

  • Counseling Service Survey:
    First administration Fall 2011; survey of students
  • MISO: Measuring Information Service Outcomes Survey
    Every even year in the Spring for students; every other even year in the Spring for faculty and staff
  • NCHA: National College Health Assessment
    Historically odd years in the Spring; even years in the Spring beginning in 2012
  • SCC: Student Conference Committee Survey
    An annual survey of the student body during December-February
  • Work-Life-Family Survey:
    First administration Spring 2012; survey of faculty and staff