Intersession 2014 Non-Credit Courses

January Intersession at MHC 2014

Student Programs-Sponsored Non-Credit Courses* and Workshops: Registration is open

Courses are generally free, although some may have materials fees, so check the course description. All courses do have a capacity limit, however, so please make sure to register with the course instructor. Contact the Office of Student Programs with any questions.

* Additional credit and non-credit classes are also being offered by Mount Holyoke Professional and Graduate Education

Please note: Students who wish to return to campus for any portion of Intersession must register with Residential Life and provide a valid reason for being on campus. Registering for an Student Programs sponsored non-credit Intersession course or workshop does NOT count as a valid reason for returning to campus. Registration for a Mount Holyoke Professional and Graduate Education class or 5-College class is, in most cases, valid criteria for residing on campus during Intersession. The Registration Form for staying on campus in January can be found on ISIS, and the criteria for eligibility are outlined on that form. 

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Student Programs-Sponsored Non-Credit Courses and Workshops

Featured Courses 

The Warrior's Toolkit: (Re)Framing Bias Through Interdisciplinary Art, Ceremony and Performance

Additional Courses and Workshops 

  1. Intro to Marketing
  2. The Sky for a Winters Night
  3. Intro to World of Horses
  4. Learn to Spin Yarn
  5. Story Slam and Storytelling Workshops
  6. "What Sort of Insects Do You Rejoice In, Where You Come From?"
  7. Be Your Own Brand
  8. Dance & Rhythm in KPop
  9. Making a Greek Meal
  10. One Nation Under Hip-Hop
  11. So you think you can slice? (Japanese Sword Arts)
  12. T-Shirt Plays (1 minute play writing)
  13. The Warrior's Toolkit: (Re)Framing Bias Through Interdisciplinary Art, Ceremony and Performance

1. Introduction to Marketing
Instructor: Roderick M. McNealy

This annual favorite is taught by an industry professional with over 39 years experience in the fields of Marketing and Advertising. In this intensive two day class, instructor Rod McNealy  will introduce you to the fundamentals of marketing, focusing on critical marketing concepts and tools. Best-in-class examples are utilized throughout and application versus theory is a key course centerpiece. Much of the content of this two day class is identical to that taught in MBA programs.

Roderick M. McNealy is the Principal of McNealy Advanced Communications and previously served as Director of the Johnson & Johnson Marketing and advertising College, responsible for global marketing training. In total, he has trained over 4000 managers, spoken at over 150 organizations, taught at Princeton University, Yale School of Management and the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and is the author of two books.  His advertising and marketing classes have been perennial favorites at MHC. He is also the father of MHC Alumna Becky McNealy '04.

Dates & Times: Tues & Weds, 1/14-1/15: 1-5 pm (with 20 minute catered tea/snack break at 3 pm on each day)
Location: Willits Hallowell Center, Wiese-Merriwether Room
To Register: email John Laprade 

2. The Sky for a Winters Night 
Instructor: Ronald Zissell

Learn the legends and lore of the stars and constellations. The course format will classroom lectures and slide shows, followed by outdoor viewing. Be sure to dress warmly for cold January nights. Hot cocoa will be provided for all class sessions.

Ronald Zissell served for many years as lab director of the MHC Observatory. He attended Lehigh University and received a B.A. in physics, then worked as a research assistant for four years at Yale University's observatory. He next earned a Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville and has been honored by the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) for his lifetime dedication to the science.

Dates & Times: Mon, Weds & Fridays, 1/3, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/13: 7-9:30 pm.
Location: Williston Observatory
To Register: email Ronald Zissell 

3. Introduction to the World of Horses 
Instructor: Lisl Donaldson (MHC Staff)

Learn to safely handle horses, how to groom and tack horses, and properly adjust equipment. Open to all levels.

Lisl is an Massachusetts licensed instructor at the MHC Equestrian Center. She has taught horseback riding since 1970.

Dates & Times: Tues, Weds Thurs 1/7-1/9: 1-3 pm
Location: MHC Equestrian Center
To Register: email Lisl Donaldson 

4. Learn to Spin Yarn 
Instructor: Jennifer Atkins (MHC Staff)

Learn the basics of hand-spinning using drop spindles and spinning wheels. We will learn about fiber preparation (washing, carding and combing a fleece) and we will do some dyeing with koolaid. We will even get to try spinning some Angora rabbit fiber. If you knit, crochet or weave, you can learn to make your own yarn for your projects! ( 3 sessions of 2.5 hours each).

MHC staff member Jennifer Atkins has been spinning for 30 years. She has taught spinning and fiber preparation at the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair and has done numerous spinning/dyeing demonstrations for all ages. She keeps a herd of angora rabbits and is well-versed in the use of angora fiber. Her other teaching experience includes teaching as a Lab Instructor at MHC in the Biology department.

Cost: $20 per student for fiber and dye

Dates & Times: Thurs 1/2, 1/9, 1/16: 7-9:30 pm
Location: Clapp 101
To Register: email Jennifer Atkins 

5. Story Slam and Storytelling Workshops 
Instructor: Dr Gail N. Herman

Students will develop stories for retelling. Stories can be personal or from literature or any folk genre. At the end of the class there will be a College Story Slam with gift certificates and other prizes for the tellers. Storyteller Dr. Gail N. Herman will mentor students during these Intersession workshops for the upcoming Mount Holyoke College Storytelling Slam, to be scheduled at the conclusion of January 2014.  To enter the slam a student needs to attend one or more workshops. Several cash prizes ($25 credit to onecard) as well as other prizes will be awarded.  At the Slam, anyone is invited to come, listen, and help vote for the various prizes to be awarded. In the workshops, participants will try out ideas, practice, and receive helpful information about storytelling in general as well as about other opportunities to share spoken word pieces in the Northampton, Easthampton and UMASS area.  We tell our stories to discover what we want to write.  

Community member, Dr. Gail N. Herman, holds a PhD in Education and an MA in Speech and Theater. She has been a popular Intersession instructor, teaching classes in mime and storytelling in previous years.

Dates & Times: Tues & Thurs 1/7, 1/9, 1/14, 1/16: 6:30-8:30 pm
Location: Blanchard Room 108
To Register: email Gail Herman (please specify which workshop dates you will attend)

6. "What Sort of Insects Do You Rejoice In, Where You Come From?" 
Instructor: Doug Fleury

All cultures have some engagement with arthropods, as the Gnat knew when he asked Alice in Through the Looking Glass. The interactions, positive and negative, may become part of our linguistics, literature, art, religion, history, folklore, or merely childhood past times.
Using a student-selected, arthropod theme, all participants will research and share a cultural and ethnological aspect of arthropods from their own homelands. They will document the details of their arthropod subject, investigate its scientific significance, and devise a means of sharing their subject with peers or an extra-collegial audience. Student products could serve as an interdisciplinary resource and model for international students seeking topics for papers in all subjects.
The classes will meet for a total of 10 hours. Students will have an opportunity to present their work at the NE Branch Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, in Williamsburg, VA, in March 2014.
Doug Fleury, M.Ed., is the Founder and President of the Caterpillar Catalyst, Inc., a non-profit, national outreach program that promotes science, science careers and learning through programs and activities using arthropod-related themes. Using multi-cultural and interdisciplinary projects, the Caterpillar Catalyst encourages young people and their families to make introductory explorations of the sciences and other disciplines through entomology. Doug has been a frequent presenter at regional and national meetings of the Entomological Society of America, as well as annual programs locally and in northeast Mississippi.


7. Be Your Own Brand
Instructor: Niani Tolbert '14

This class is for the entrepreneurial spirited student who is interested in learning how to use the internet and current networks as resources to build a personal brand.  This class will offer mini-workshops on pitching, shameless self-promoting to open new opportunities, and making media kits.

Niani is the founder of the Mount Holyoke Entrepreneurship Club and has created her personal brand through her fashion blog and has hosted events with stores including Macy's as a featured fashion blogger. She has also worked with producers on fashion topics for Style Squad Fashion Expert on WWLP, Channel 22, NBC Springfield MA as well as serving as a co-host at that station for their 'Makeover Monday' segment of the program 'Mass Appeal'. She is currently pursuing a Special Major in Textile Studies, Science, Design, Culture and Media at MHC.

Dates & Times: Thurs and Fri 1/16-1/17: 2-5 pm
Location: Skinner 210
To Register: email Niani Tolbert 

8. Dance & Rhythm in KPop
Instructor: Xianfan (Claudia) Wang '14

Take your pick from the explosive Bigbang, funky 2ne1, powerful B.A.P., sexy Girl's Generation, and many more and come and learn your favorite KPop dance routine! Dance choices will be announced through email and the most popular one will be taught in this 3 hour workshop. No dance experience is required. Everyone welcome.

Claudia has danced with MHC's Jhumka for three semesters & currently works with their hip-hop choreography. She also is a member of the 5 College KPop dance crew, DBJ. She's enthusiastic to use this workshop for a fun afternoon of dancing and sweating to funky beats with fellow KPop enthusiasts and other interested students.

Date & Time: Sun 1/12: 2-5 pm
Location: Kendall Studio 2
To Register: email Xianfan Wang 

9. Making a Greek Meal 
Instructor: Katharine Constas '15

Do you love eating Greek food? Do you wish you knew how to make spanikopita? Beginners and experienced cooks alike will enjoy learning to make a full Greek meal together. Come prepared to celebrate food and share a homemade meal!

Katharine has been baking and cooking for over 10 years. She learned to prepare traditional Greek food from her Yiayia (grandmother), helping her to prepare food for family holidays, celebrations and meals. In 2013, she taught a popular Greek Desserts workshop at MHC for Intersession. She's eager to share her love for making food with others.

Materials Fee: $5 for ingredients


10. One Nation Under Hip-Hop
Instructor: Melanie Wilkerson '15

Hip-Hop is a widely popular form of dancing that is seen who's to say you can't take part in it too! In these workshops, participants will explore three types of hip-hop dance: "old-school," "stepping (also known as step-dancing)," and "krump." Come eagerly and with lots of energy because at the end of this series of workshops, your hard work will speak for itself in our final dance performance, to be scheduled based on participant availability. No longer will you have to be one of the few not on the dance floor...follow di leader!

Melanie has been old school and step dancing since the age of 7. She was named Dance Captain of the Year at her high school in both 2009 and 2010 and received special recognition for leading the step team. She has also has performed numerous times, including at MHC, where she has participated in AC Day 2012 & 2013, Noche Latina 2012 and at several open mic events in Blanchard.
Dates & Times: Weds & Fri, 1/8, 1/10, 1/15 & 1/17: 2pm-4pm
Location: Blanchard Great Room
To Register: email Melanie Wilkerson 

11. So you think you can slice? (Japanese sword arts) 
Instructor: Beth Johnson FP '18 (MHC Staff)

You've seen animé and Kurosawa films, but have you wondered what Japanese swordsmanship is really like? Workshop participants will learn about Japanese sword history and concepts, similarities and differences to Western fencing and recreated arts, and practice striking and drawing using wooden practice swords (loaners provided). Attendees need to wear comfortable clothes for exercise and should be able to walk barefoot on smooth flooring. Participant slots are limited.
Beth has over 10 years experience in Japanese budo, 7 years experience in Japanese sword arts, and holds a 2nd Dan ranking in Muso Shinden-ryu iaido (Japanese swordsmanship).
Dates & Time: Thurs 1/9: 12-2 pm
Location: Kendall Studio 2
To Register: email Beth Johnson 

12. T-Shirt Plays (1 minute plays)
Instructor: Catia Cunha '14

What exactly is a one-minute play? According to the Humana festival, you should be able to fit the whole play on the front of a T-shirt. We will read examples from the Humana Festival and craft several short plays which will then be presented at the end of the workshop. No experience necessary. A great way to break into the world of playwriting if you've never tried before!

Date & Time: Weds 1/15: 6:30-9:30 pm
Location: Blanchard 108
To Register: email Catia Cunha 

13. The Warrior's Toolkit: (Re)Framing Bias Through Interdisciplinary Art, Ceremony and Performance
Instructor: Diana Alvarez (Admissions), Tory Rosen (UMass Amherst)

Experiencing "micro" aggressions, bias, and other "isms" can bring about intense feelings of anger, insecurity, grief, distraction, etc.  Often in dialogues about bias we are left wondering where to put these emotions. In this interdisciplinary arts workshop we will explore the ways in which we can utilize poetry, performance, narrative, ceremony, and testimony to critically (re)frame and (re)claim power as artists and as people.  Students do not need to be artists to participate in this class - just have an open mind and be willing to explore different mediums in art (through poetry, non-fiction, fiction, songwriting, movement, and other forms of artistic expression).

Diana Alvarez is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet, musician, and interdisciplinary performance artist.  The recipient of the Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, Diana's full-length chapbook, Consultations with Bruja Juana, was published in By Way Of by Toadlily Press.  Diana was most recently featured in The Best of Toadlily Press:  New and Selected Poems.  Diana has performed her poetry, dance, and song at La Villlita (San Antonio, TX), La Casa Azul Bookstore (Harlem, NY), Cornelia Street Cafe (Manhattan, NY), and the Academy of Music Theatre (Northampton, MA).  Diana has taught interdisciplinary writing workshops at Hampshire College and Mount Holyoke College, with acclaimed poet Thomas Lux and at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (with Tory Rosen).  A first-generation college graduate, Diana earned her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2008.  She works in the Office of Admission at Mount Holyoke College. 

Tory Rosen is a graduate of the Sarah Lawrence MFA program in Poetry. She is an educator, artist, dancer, environmental justice advocate and poet.  She has taught a number of interdisciplinary creative arts workshops, including classes as a January Term poetry teacher at Mount Holyoke College and as a visiting writer at the Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center at Hampshire College.  She was chosen, alongside Diana Alvarez, as a presenter at this year's National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education where she co-taught the writing & social identity workshop: Claim, Combat, Canta Your Poetic History.  Tory completed her MBA in Sustainability as a Presidential Merit Scholar at Antioch University.  She is currently the Sustainability Communications & Marketing Manager at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  

Date & Time: 

Tues (1/14), Thurs. (1/16), & Saturday (1/18).  6-8:30pm. Final class will include optional student performances.
Location: Blanchard Lounge (227) on Tuesday & Thursday. Blanchard Great Room (final class performance) on Saturday.

To Register: email Diana Alvarez