Alessandra Baffa

Summer in La Serenissima: Translating Culture through Language in Venice, Italy

I interned at the International Relations Office at Ca’Foscari University in Venice, Italy. As an intern, I welcomed students coming into the office, maintained communication with students and exchange program directors, wrote, translated and edited texts for the university website/registration software, and updated student databases for registration processes regularly. In this university setting, I was able to communicate clearly and effectively with students from around the world and use the languages I know or have studied at Mount Holyoke, including Italian, Spanish and French. These languages became gateways through which I expanded my cultural knowledge, whether it was while writing an email to an exchange student or when walking into an international art collection. Venturing along the winding streets of Venice was an experience that was both enchanting and unknown. This experience provided insight into my own cultural and academic perspectives and allowed me to grow as a global citizen.