Amber Orzel

October 17, 2014

Education is the Key to Success: Teaching and Learning Through Nicaraguan Youth

The future lies in the education of youth, a message that I experienced first-hand this summer in Managua, Nicaragua. In interning for Podcasts for Peace, I immersed myself in an underdeveloped area working with underprivileged youth, and experienced first-hand many injustices. For the youth in Managua, these injustices manifest themselves in the form of poverty, and consequently, in a lack of proper education. The goal of Podcasts for Peace is in its title: teaching and learning as a means of creating a fun and educational safe space for the neighborhood youth that will be transformative for their lives as a whole. My purpose in working with the youth of Podcasts for Peace was to facilitate their education by teaching them how to read and write, improve basic mathematical skills, learn English, and be their advocate in general. Accompanied by initial culture shock and a language barrier, these challenges ultimately resulted in rewarding ways for me, as well as for the youth.