Anarkalee Perera

Quick, Tap That! : The Importance of Making Women’s Voices Heard

“Just a few decades after women were economically enfranchised in the United States of America, they now add nearly $3 trillion to the economy. Women-owned businesses employ nearly 16% of the workforce, and if businesses owned by U.S. women accounted for their own economy, it would have the fifth-largest GDP in the world”.  Women are perhaps the greatest untapped resource to economic development and one of the most under-represented groups in global governance. From sustainable cities to renewable energy, the most crucial areas of development policy still remain devoid of women’s voices- thereby undermining the potential for policies to adopt a more holistic approach to development. This presentation will explore the importance of increasing women’s political participation as a crucial stepping-stone in development and hopes to address some of the associated challenges of fighting to greater inclusion and representation.