Bisaya T. Abdullahi

October 17, 2014

Ethiopia: A Land of Limitless Opportunities - Not a Story of Catastrophe

Due to meager media coverage, there is a widespread notion that Ethiopia is a country mired in poverty, famine and bloodshed. To insist on focusing on the negative portrayal of Ethiopia is to flatten the country's value and to overlook the many promising aspects that form it. Though the stereotypical illustrations of Ethiopia are true to some measure, they remain incomplete. 
Home to the fourth largest economy in Africa, Ethiopia is, at present, one of the key emerging economies in the world with a plethora of untapped resources. This presentation will provide an insight into the steady rise of Ethiopia's economy. Factoring in the skeptics abound, this presentation will also provide quantitative substance to challenge the idea that sub-saharan Africa (especially Ethiopia) is a place of negatives or darkness.