Connie Turkson

October 17, 2014

Interning for a Non-Governmental Organization Abroad

With a Ghanaian heritage and upbringing, I was most excited to intern with the John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs in Accra, Ghana. During my internship, I specifically worked on a USAID funded project called Networks. The goal of Networks was to facilitate Ghana’s National Malaria Control Program in developing and sustaining strategies to increase the use of long-lasting insecticidal malaria nets to eradicate malaria. My internship allowed me to travel to over 30 villages within rural parts of Ghana. I was able to conduct interviews and collect data about the utilization of insecticidal malaria nets. Although traveling was challenging at times, it was through travel that I was able to observe and gain a greater understanding of the realities and challenges of working for a nongovernmental organization in a developing country.