Crystal Reed

Sexual and Reproductive Health of Dutch Afro-Caribbean Women: An Analysis of Culture, Reproductive Statistics and Black Female Sexuality

This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity to continue my independent research in Amsterdam examining the high prevalence of STIs and teen pregnancies among Dutch Afro-Caribbean women in the Netherlands, a country with relatively low reproductive statistics. Utilizing the method of oral history, data was acquired by semi-structured interviews with Dutch Afro-Caribbean mothers and daughters, and also sexual health professionals. This study provides a counter-narrative and an in-depth analysis of how culture influences Dutch Afro-Caribbean women’s sexual behavior. Correspondingly, it investigates the degree of cultural sensitivity in mainstream sexual health programs in the Netherlands.

For my presentation, I will not only discuss my research process and findings briefly, but also share with you the challenges I overcame, while conducting independent research abroad. Lastly, I will communicate how this research opened doors to other enriching opportunities, and allowed me to acquire strong and meaningful connections to my focus group.