Deidre Murphy

Who’s the Boss?: How to Find Yourself When You’re Lost in a New Place

When I received the e-mail that said I had been granted funding to travel to Bhutan and intern for the rural education and community-building organization, READ Bhutan, I was unbelievably excited. I felt that through all of my development work experience as well as my recent studies as a Frances Perkins Scholar, I was well-prepared for the journey ahead. However, after finding myself in a new world with no supervisor, no students, and a less than ideal living situation, I felt like all of my fantasies about the experience had fallen apart. This presentation will be about how I found leadership abilities and creative skills within myself that I did not think I had. It won’t be the picture-perfect story of a heroic woman emerging from the mire, but instead the story of a flawed and evolving person coping with isolation and personal and moral conflicts in a new place and the work I did to make it through the experience with personal integrity and results I could be proud of.