Emma Ross

October 17, 2014

Internal Pressure and Opportunities

The teachers of the Woodlawn Children’s Promise Freedom School Summer Program (WCPC) work to empower others. As an intern for WCPC, I observed a community organization that seeks to empower students and develop a sense of community for both staff and students. The Freedom School summer program works to develop leadership, self-esteem and increasing understanding of community impact. Throughout the summer I observed the struggle to maintain community within the organization as it worked to educate students about the ways that they may positively impact their community. As tensions and frustration mounted the work of the teachers to navigate breakdowns in communication and external pressures within the staff mirrored the ways in which they sought to engage with their students. This summer provided insight into the way that the use of constructive education development and the dedication to a greater community can empower both students and staff to overcome challenges.