Evelyne Mugadia

The Effects of Poverty on Health and Education among the Women and Children in Western Kenya

I was fortunate to secure an internship as a community education intern, with Rescues Steps Omwabini, an NGO situated in the western part of Kenya.  In addition to a children’s home run by this organization, Rescue Steps deals with vulnerable women and children affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS in the community.  My responsibilities included helping the children with their homework, leading a community education program at least twice a week and in partnership with other interns, and teaching literature and business studies as a sub.

My presentation will focus on some of the major issues that faced the groups I worked with, ranging from public health issues to education and poverty.  This is in addition to my own challenges as I tried to achieve my goal set before traveling to Kenya. I hope that the presentation will illuminate the major role women and children play in any given community, towards development.