Hannah C. Sawyer

October 17, 2014

The Unexpectedly Positive: Learning About Leadership at a Language School

As a Spanish major I'm often asked if I plan on becoming a teacher. My answer is always, "No, definitely not." Much to my surprise I ended up interning at a language school this past summer. I quickly realized that there is much more to language education than simply teaching. I was able to work on the administrative side, and I even had the opportunity to do a bit of marketing. This internship was instrumental in shaping my plans for and expectations about the future. I learned how to take what I have learned about leadership in the classroom and apply it in a professional setting. It wasn't easy, and I didn't always do it effectively, but I now have a better understanding of what will be expected of me in the professional world. This internship also led me to discover what the characteristics of a positive work environment are. I still have no intentions of becoming a teacher, but my internship did serve to help me solidify what I do want in a professional job.