Iman Abdulwassi

So what I am Young and a Woman! - How to Navigate In, Out and around Stereotypes

As a developing country, Ethiopia is struggling to prioritize and integrate the environment within its economic growth and development plan. Many nonprofit organizations such as the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) work relentlessly to ensure that the government as well as other powerful organizations consider the impacts of their projects on the environment. However, it can be  difficult to pursue one's passion in this field without feeling self conscious as there are age and gender stereotypes particularly within the work environment. Working in the realm of environment and development, a field still gaining recognition in the country, is a battle in itself  that being a young woman only amplifies the challenge. The presenter will use her summer internship experience at ISD to share what she found to be  instrumental in overcoming stereotypes and building self confidence in order to be heard and recognized as a young woman.