Kelsey E. Lawlor

October 17, 2014

Beating the Clock: Making the Most of Your Summer Internship

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting at a desk with nothing to do. Staring at a computer screen, watching the clock tick from one minute to the next, is a guaranteed way to quickly lose interest in the internship experience. After settling into my internship in Governor Malloy’s Office of Constituent Services in the State of Connecticut, I found myself falling into these very patterns of boredom and inactivity. Summer session at the Capitol is a time for the full-time staff to recharge after a hectic legislative session, and a time to appreciate the lazy summer weather. While this reprieve was great for my co-workers, it left me in a bit of a rut. Ultimately, I used this turn of events as a way to take the initiative in the office and expand my creative opportunities. This presentation will explore how how the many challenges I faced led to a better understanding of my interests and abilities, as well as my understanding of how state government functions.