Kipling S. Chase

October 17, 2014

A Change of Course: A Legal Internship on Cape Cod

As a student interested in pursuing a career in law, I took this summer to explore concentrations in a small law firm in Harwich, Massachusetts. The firm specialized mainly in elder law, however I was also exposed to components of business and real estate law. As an intern, my primary responsibilities ranged from typically administrative, to off site meeting with clients, to small projects designed by my mentor. As it was a local firm, my work was largely reliant on present clients. Because of this, I spent a large amount of my time in the firm focused on elder law, which in turn meant I spent a considerable amount of time in and out of nursing homes. In order to maximize what I got out of this experience, I focused on the more business related aspects of elder law such as trusts and long term medical care planning. This presentation will focus on the challenges I encountered working in a small firm, primarily in a concentration that I didn’t enjoy, and how my summer experience clarified my future goals.