Namuun Purevdorj

Does My Title Define My Career?

I went into my internship at Global Career Management Consulting, assessing every particular task and responsibility of my position to evaluate whether the career path will make me happy. At this Headhunting and HR firm, I had the opportunity to deal with various clients who showed me that a fulfilling career does not need to be linear. As a college student it was natural for me to question what I wanted to do with my life, but it was eye-opening to see people in various stages in life dealing with similar issues. In this presentation, I want to share how the multiple tasks I dealt with and the various clients I worked with this summer, eventually led me to gain a greater realization of my passion and what really makes me happy. It’s not about the small tasks or even your title that define your career, but it’s the overall mission and goal you are striving for.