Nayaris Pena

October 17, 2014

The Entrepreneur of My Own Destiny

Have you ever been so passionate about something you find yourself daydreaming about it all the time, or bring yourself around that certain something just to motivate you a little more? Well, if you can relate to that, then you can relate to me. For as long as I can remember I have always been extremely passionate about being an entrepreneur; I have always wanted to be my own boss. My passion for business has always been concentrated in hospitality; I plan to own a chain of hotels along with resorts in the future. Being first generation born in the United States has never discouraged my goals; in fact it has made me work harder. I was able to see my family strive for their position in this country, which is why I plan to make my mark as well. This summer I was able to work with a business owner through interning at Creation Beauty Salon as the financial administrative assistant. I oversaw and handled deposits and withdrawal of funds. I kept accurate records of every transaction made and handled checked deposits to other companies for shipment or bills being paid. I honestly enjoyed every minute of my internship.  Though I did not intern in the hospitality field, I felt as though all of the responsibilities were very similar to those I will be expecting to have when I own my own business. I learned that it is very important for a business owner to get to know his or her business well and get to know the customers and their wants and needs because therefore you are able to know what exactly to offer. After my internship I can honestly say I am even more anxious to begin my journey towards my hotel and resorts business.