Phyu-Sin Than

October 17, 2014

From Production to Sales: Creating a Market for Specialty Honey

The 2005 McKinsey report on India demonstrated the high rates of increase in disposable income for all classes of the Indian society.  Particularly in the niche cities and large metropolitan areas, the growth of upper and upper-middle class Indians bring opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.  Phyu-Sin Than, marketing intern at Under The Mango Tree (UTMT), researched on ways in which UTMT can capitalize on the growing market through effective sales and marketing.  Her research focused on branding, product design, pricing, client service, product evaluation, and challenges of expansion for UTMT.  In addition, she attended meetings with potential clients, partners, and farmers to gain full understanding of the honey production process, which was an essential component of her internship.  Her presentation bridges the gap between production and sales of specialty honey for the niche urban elites of India.