Precious Chiadzwa

Male Circumcision; an effective strategy for HIV Prevention in Non-Circumcising Regions of Africa

The global fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic, which has claimed more than 25 million lives over the past three decades, is ongoing. Recently, male circumcision was established as one of the many effective intervention strategies to combat and reduce HIV infections around the globe. My summer working in the HIV department of the World Health Organization involved extensive literature review to source out evidence-based facts on the male circumcision practice. My team collaborated with other African countries to analyze data from randomized control trials conducted in the respective countries. Through careful evaluation of three circumcision methods; surgical circumcision and the use of the Shangring and Pre-pex device, recommendations and guidelines were formulated to serve as guidance to non-circumcising African member states. I will provide insight on public health related issues and shed light on how large internationally recognized organizations process recommendations and implement strategies to combat disease over time.