Samantha Rosado

October 17, 2014

If There's a Fork in the Road, Take It

According to CBS News, as of last year’s statistics, the average medical school graduate will enter the workforce with nearly $166,750 of academic debt. Thanks to my experiences this summer that drastically changed the direction of my future, I will not be one of them. Throughout my time at Mount Holyoke, most of my college career has been dedicated to completing my pre-health track courses. With intentions of pursing my interest in the health services, this summer I completed an internship at ProCare Physical Therapy of the Carlson Therapy Network in Meriden, CT, as an assistant rehabilitation technician. My daily activities included working with therapists to design individualized exercise routines for patients, assisting patients with their activities, and performing front desk duties when needed.  Throughout all of these tasks, in addition to summer courses and shadowing physicians, my passion became more obvious. From rehabilitation of injuries to long rides on the PVTA, recommended summer readings to late night drives on the highway, my presentation will speak to the reflection process that helped me to redirect and transform my career goals.